Odiseo Magazine Uni-Form-Less

Uni-form-less is a visual essay by Riccardo Raspa and Michela Caprera made for Odiseo Magazine.
Video and sound where curated by Ludovico Watson and Tommaso Bullo (Funclab Collective)

Evoking thoughts on conformity and lack of change, but also the sensation of equality and unity, Odiseo issue 12 explores the significance of patterns, and the need for belonging. We are attempting to understand the persona – that gulf between what you are with others, and what you are alone.

Through blood, belief, desires and visions, the human need for affinity, the acceptance of the flock, and the contradictory wish to be both individuals, a part of something larger, remains in constant conflict. Which sometimes requires diluting ourselves into a wider self. We are examining nationalism, colonialism, replications, authenticity and artificial identity, excavating the several possible consequences that result.